The excellent skills of our technicians and their skills in all areas of confectionery technology enable us to provide our customers with the production of product samples, as well as the industry-standard production of all kinds of confectionery on a small scale.

There are many reasons for the development of lab samples.

>   Maybe you want to launch a new product?

>   You might need a product sample for a reliable evaluation of the outward appearance, gloss, texture, tasteā€¦?

>   You may want to
trial a new product in limited quantities so it is available for product marketing and advertising campaigns before it goes into serious production?

>   You might need
it for product launches or consumer - tests?

>   Maybe
you want to improve existing recipes and test the result in advance?

Our premises, equipped with a selection of exclusive machines and small systems development labs in Aachen - Oberforstbach are open to you.

Based on your wishes and requirements, laboratory samples for almost all parts of the confectionery and chocolate industries can be produced here. Whether it is gum and jelly products, hard and soft candies, marshmallows or chocolate dragees.

And of course we grant you a completely trusting relationship, with all your projects, and internal company issues.

We look forward toyour projects and ideas!

Your D&F DROUVEN - Team


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