Closed Seminars
Are you planning professional, specialist seminars or further education for your staff? Product presentation for your customers or your sales department?
We will turn your ideas into action and guarantee a special and instructive visit - with great care and enthusiasm.
We are happy to develop your specific demands and goals.
For the duration of the seminar our rooms, our laboratory, our extensive machinery and our specialists will be entirely at your disposal.

Our experienced technicians will handle your subject in theory as well as in the practical part effectively and extensively.
On request we also organise on site training courses at your premises.
We can assure you of a trustworthy handling of your projects, questions and your company’s internal issues.

The duration of the seminars is depending on your subject and varies from 1 day up to 6 weeks. You can choose the courses language: German, English, Spanish or French.

Number of Participants: 1 – 8 Persons


Open Seminars
Do you want to attend one of our trainings or seminars?
We regularly organize extensive training programs in various areas of confectionery technology.
In theory and in practice, each given topic is handled by our experienced technicians comprehensively and effectively.

For theoretical instruction our premises are sufficiently large. The necessary training materials will be provided by our training center.
The practical application of theoretical knowledge is also mediated in our rooms in Aachen - Oberforstbach.
Our development laboratory and our versatile machines offer all the options!
And our technicians will amaze you!

The duration of the courses depends on the subject and varies from 1 day to 6 weeks.
You choose the appropriate language of instruction: English, German, Spanish or French.
Participants at least 8 persons

Below you will find a selection of topics that we cover with our regular training courses. Your suggestions and ideas to expand the current content are very welcome.

Topic confectionery:

-       Raw materials and technology - scientific principles

-       Gum and jellyproducts

-       Marshmallows

-       Hard and soft caramels

-       Chewing gum products

-       Compressed goods

Topic chocolate, fillings and cereals:

-       Raw materialsandscientific principles

-       Chocolate technology: from the cocoa bean to the finished product

-       Fillings, e.g. truffles, nougat, marzipan, brittle

-       Compound coatings

-       Coatingtechnology

-       Manufacturing of preserved pastry goods and cakes (including granola and energy bars)

Topic productpresentation:

-       The latest product developments

-       Trends from Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia


Topic sugar free confectionery and chocolate


Topic panned-goods manufacturing

Technische Betreuung: IT-Service