Laboratory analyses

In our own laboratory in Aachen - Oberforstbach we also work in the analysis and testing of the confectionery industry.

The high quality equipment of our laboratory allows us to check raw material of any kind of confectionery products, various specially tailored to the confectionery and supplier sector analysis and storage and shelf-life studies.

Our technicians are workingin the following areas:

Raw material and product analysis:

We check raw materials and products encompassing these parameters

-       Gelatin and Agar Agar: gel strength and viscosity

-       Residual moisture after Karl Fischer

-       Equilibrium moisturecontent

-       Viscosity and yield value of chocolate

Evaluation of the analysis

We evaluate the analysis results obtained on this basis and give you recommendations and advice on the parameters

-       Specification of raw materials and processes

-       Optimisationof procedures

-       Qualityoptimisation

Storage and shelf-lifetests

Using desiccators and ovens we do storage and durability tests carried out at different temperatures and humidities.


We look forward toa trusting relationship.

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